the plottery

Bought a plotter

At my internship at Open Source Publishing Open Source Publishing I got introuced to a very nice set of pen plotters. I only knew the pen plotter Walter from the printing workshop was having. That plotter only fitted one pen, since it was initially a vinyl cutter. I was already impressed by that tiny machine, but seeing life size penplotter which were able to pick up to 8 pens -automatically- was amazing!

This made me strolling around the internet to see if I could possibly buy such a machine myself. By accident I came across this penplotter which we used to have at the studio; a HP7550A. And the fun thing was that I could pick it up in Arnhem! Or my parents would, since I was still in Brussels.

Alt Text

Freshly picked-up plotter in the back of the car of my parents

Special thanks to my parents for picking up this oldy. Can't wait to have this machine started working on my PC!